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Flowers or Charitable Donations?

Over recent years we have seen floral tributes sharing a memorial with a charity donation, one that is close to the deceased and family, feeling that this will carry on assisting with medical research or even support for the family. Funeral Flower Etiquette Floral baskets can be sent to the funeral parlour, church or home of the [...]

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What Music Is Played At Funerals?

Everyone has a song that means something to them. As the belief of what a funeral is has begun to change, the music we play at ceremonies is expanding to fit. Everyone has different taste and so the most requested songs range through a variety of genres. According to Co-op funeralcare’s bi-annual funeral music charts, [...]

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Are the UK not planning funerals?

ITV’s Tonight released the documentary, ‘Funerals: A Costly Undertaking?’ on 3rd November. The programme uncovered some interesting insights towards the funeral industry and the British public’s thoughts on funerals. ITV’s approach was largely preoccupied with the negative, as the National Association of Funeral Directors remark, “the case studies focused solely on families who, for various reasons, [...]

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10 Ways to Honour Someone’s Ashes

To honour your loved one after they have passed you may want to make a grand gesture or keep them close to you. There is a large variety of unique and personal things you can do with your loved one’s ashes. Bury their ashes Burying your loved one’s ashes is a way to unite the [...]

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What is Memorial Jewellery?

The idea of parting with a loved ones ashes is a hard decision and so when it comes to deciding what you would like to, it has become a popular solution to turn to memorial jewellery. The thought of scattering ashes can take families years, as they feel they cannot separate themselves from their loved [...]

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10 Poem Suggestions for Funerals

When we lose a loved one there is an expectation to write a eulogy or a speech in remembrance. However, another popular option for funeral ceremonies and memorials is reading a poem. Articulating the emotions of bereavement are difficult and a meaningful poem that captures the essence of both your loved one and family will [...]

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