To honour your loved one after they have passed you may want to make a grand gesture or keep them close to you. There is a large variety of unique and personal things you can do with your loved one’s ashes.

Bury their ashes

Burying your loved one’s ashes is a way to unite the family, by having somewhere to go where you can leave messages, flowers, or just visit. Burying ashes will also give you the opportunity to have a place where all the family can be together when they have passed.

Scatter their ashes

Scattering ashes will give you the freedom to take your loved one somewhere meaningful. Scattering ashes from an aeroplane, in a location where a treasured memory was shared, or even into the ocean can be a comforting experience for families and friends.

Keep their ashes in an Urn

Choosing an urn and keeping your loved ones at home in their favourite spot in the house, by a window where the light will shine onto them, or somewhere they can watch over you while you are going about your everyday routine, means a lot to many families. It is an option that maintains the closeness between you and your loved ones after their passing.

Plant them with a tree

Planting a tree with their ashes. There are many services that offer this unique memorial service now. It is an eco-friendly way to make sure your loved one leaves their footprint on the planet for hundreds of years.

Combine them with a firework

Specialist services put ashes into a firework, so family and friends can hold a spectacular ceremony that ends with a bang! This fun and different style of service can help families create new memories along with their loved one.

Make them part of a coral reef

Create a lasting reef memorial, through an artificial coral reef that will restore damaged reefs and nurture the environment for the future. Ashes are combined with cement to create reef-like structures that will home marine life.

Memorial jewellery

Take your loved ones with you wherever you go, and transform them into an heirloom so their memory will be passed on through the family for generations. Memorial jewellery only uses small amounts of their ashes to makes them into a beautiful, unique gem you can have on a personalised piece of jewellery.

Combine their ashes with a piece of art

Ashes can be mixed with paint and used to create a specialised painting of anything you choose. This is a quirky way to incorporate your loved one into your home, and family life.

Make them a part of their favourite song

Ashes can now be converted into a vinyl record of favourite and memorable songs. You can hold the ashes of your loved one within a vinyl record, so when you play it, you will be reminded of your favourite memories.

Rest their ashes in a Columbarium

If you want somewhere to visit the ashes, without a burial, a columbarium is a good choice for you. Similarly to a mausoleum, a columbarium stores urns and offers family and friends somewhere to go when they want to visit or remember their loved one.