FROM50 Funeral Plan

Many plans expect you to pay premiums for 2 years, before you are entitled to be fully covered. With the FROM50 Funeral Plan, you are fully covered after only twelve months, and immediately covered for accidental death from the outset. You can relax knowing your monthly payments will never go up and neither will your funeral directors costs – which are guaranteed.

With all funeral plans that are paid by way of Fixed Monthly Payments, it is possible, depending on how long you live, to pay more into the plan that it pays out to provide your required funeral services on death. At Lifecare Planning Solutions Limited, we are pleased to offer the From50 Funeral Plan provided by Golden Leaves Limited, who have sought to alleviate this problem. With the From50 Funeral Plans unique Overpayment Rebate Benefit feature, if the sum of the Fixed Monthly Payments you have paid in total more that the sum paid out to Golden Leaves to fund the funeral service on death, your estate will be eligible for a rebate of a percentage of this amount.

This is your chance to put your affairs in order and protect those closest to you from the stress and expense of arranging your funeral. It may not be a cheery thought, but it is certainly very comforting to know your funeral is taken care of and you won’t be a burden to your family or friends at an upsetting and difficult time.

The Golden Leaves FROM50 Funeral Plan is a straightforward, cost-effective way to pay for the funeral you want. It could be the right choice for you if you want the reassurance of fixed payments, protection against inflation, full cover after twelve months and the entitlement to a rebate if any overpayment has been made.

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