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Green Funeral Plan

It is now possible to arrange a natural funeral taking comfort in the knowledge that every aspect has been carefully considered to minimise its impact on the environment. Choosing The Ultimate Green Funeral Plan not only assists your loved ones, but also makes a positive statement of intent to help preserve the world in which we live. The plan can include options for natural and biodegradable coffins made of sustainable materials including wood, willow and wool. There is also an option for a Reflections coffin, which may be personalised with a design or image of your choosing The entire carbon footprint of a funeral service may be offset by tree planting in conservation areas or by donating funds to preserve endangered rainforests around the world. And on your behalf, Golden Leaves funeral plans will even contribute to an environmental fund that combats climate change for the benefit of future generations. Golden Leaves funeral plans will convert the financial equivalent of a typical funeral’s carbon emissions into a community legacy on your behalf.
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